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Radiant Barrier

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Radiant barriers are reflective materials that are usually installed in attics to reflect radiant energy and reduce cooling costs. However, these materials are unable to absorb heat energy so they are ineffective in the prevention of heat transfer through conduction and convection. For this reason, radiant barriers are installed to complement thermal insulation materials. In recent years, an increasing number of contractors and homeowners have been demanding radiant barriers. Several cities have also made the use of radiant barrier foils compulsory in new home constructions. Beamer insulation is the most reliable supplier and installer of radiant barrier foils in Johnson City.


How Radiant Barriers Work

Heat travels to your home through convection, conduction, and radiation. Convection refers to the transfer of heat energy through a liquid or gas. Meanwhile, conduction is the transfer of heat energy from a hotter material or area to a cooler one. Radiant heat travels across space and heats anything in its path. Solar radiation is the major cause of heat transfer in buildings. Regular insulators are inefficient against radiation as they only reduce the rate of heat transfer. The heat will continue to build-up until it gets to your living space. Radiant barriers, on the other hand, will reflect 97% of radiant heat away from your roof.



Radiant barriers have a longer lifespan compared to regular insulation materials. Heat is reflected away from the surface of radiant barrier foils and this makes them unsusceptible to the effects of humidity. Some radiant barrier products also come with holes to prevent the accumulation of moisture and increase airflow. Furthermore, radiant barriers do not lose their quality over time. So, their R-value will remain the same throughout their life. On the other hand, conventional insulation materials are known to settle over time. This degrades the material and causes them to lose their R-value.


Thermal Efficiency

Radiant barriers can be used to enhance the thermal efficiency of the traditional insulation around your property. When installed over existing insulating material, the R-value of such material will increase. This will raise the thermal efficiency of your attic and crawl space significantly. Radiant barrier foils will also be highly effective when used as an insulator. You can wrap the material around fixtures such as your ducts, water pipes, and hot water tank. The radiant barrier will keep them warm by reflecting heat away from their surfaces. This will lower your energy consumption.



While some traditional insulating materials are known to contain harmful particles, this isn't the case with radiant barrier foils. Radiant barriers are completely free of toxic chemicals and they trigger no reactions when they are handled. So, no safety gear is needed. Also, the installation of radiant barrier foils will make your home less susceptible to the growth of mold and mildew. Furthermore, rodents and other pests chew on traditional insulation, this could cause your home to become infested. You can solve this problem with radiant barriers since they contain inorganic materials that pests can't feed on.

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