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Insulation Removal

contractor insulating with mineral wool attic roof. close up on insulation layers of mineral wool insulation, roof insulation

Your family and the environment will enjoy several benefits from home insulation removal and replacement. If you have an old building, there's a good chance that your old insulation has lost its R-value. This will make it less effective than it used to be. Your old insulation may have also become damaged by environmental factors or infested and contaminated by pests. For these reasons, old insulation is no good and it should be removed safely and effectively. The best way to remove unwanted insulation is to hire a professional insulation removal service. Our insulation removal service is the most reliable in Johnson City.



While insulation removal may seem like a task that you can take on, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Every stage of the job has to be done with care and caution for every fragment of insulation to be removed. The task will be even more daunting since you have neither the needed experience nor the necessary equipment. You could easily spend long hours on the job without getting the desired results. We will save you time by sending well-trained and experienced professionals to work on your property. They will also come with all necessary equipment to ensure that the job is completed in no time.



There are several safety risks involved in the removal of old home insulation. First, your old insulation may contain mold or asbestos. These substances are very toxic and you shouldn't risk getting exposed to them. Old insulation may have also become damaged or infested by critters. These safety risks make the right protective wear and equipment very essential for insulation removal. You will be endangering yourself and your family when you attempt insulation without personal protective equipment. Our team can guarantee the safety of your family and give you peace of mind.


Energy Savings

When you hire us to remove your old insulation, you will be taking the first step in making your home energy efficient again. After removing your underperforming insulation, we will work with you to find a new and more energy-efficient material. Modern insulating materials perform better as they have a higher R-value. Before we replace your insulation, we inspect your structure to locate issues such as air leaks and poor ventilation. We will fix the problem and then install your new insulation. This will immediately lower your monthly energy bills and reduce the burden on your HVAC system.


Property Value

Insulation removal is something you shouldn't overlook if you will be putting your home up for sale. This is because old insulation lowers the market value of properties. Prospective home buyers are usually interested in homes with modern features. So, they might opt against purchasing your building if they notice that your insulation is outdated. Even if you get an interested buyer, they will be unwilling to match your price when they consider the cost of repair. On the other hand, home insulation removal and replacement will ensure that your home sells quickly. You will get a significant profit too.

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