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Fiberglass Batt

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You can save a significant amount of money monthly by increasing your home's energy efficiency. To achieve this, you will have to install an insulating material in your building. One of the most popular types of insulation is batt insulation. Generally produced from fiberglass, batt insulation is a great choice for the insulation of your walls, ceilings, floors, and attics. It is also suitable for your basement, crawl spaces, and garage insulation. Fiberglass insulation is very affordable and easy to install. If you need fiberglass insulation in Johnson City, you should contact us today to get the best insulation service.



Though fiberglass insulation compares favorably with other insulating materials, it remains very affordable. In other words, fiberglass offers the same benefits as other types of insulation while being one of the cheapest materials. Fiberglass insulation has an average cost of between $0.64 to $1.19 per square foot. Also, professional installers like us will complete the installation within a short period. The ease and quickness of the installation process make labor cheap. However, you can make costly mistakes when you try to install your fiberglass insulation yourself. This could damage the material and make the project more expensive.


Energy Efficiency

Your home will become more energy-efficient after the installation of fiberglass batt insulation. Batt insulation is very flexible as it can be purchased in rolls and pre-cut panels. This enables us to create airtight seals between studs, joist blocks, and rafters. The airtight seal will prevent airflow and heat transfer. A material's effectiveness as an insulator is denoted by its R-value. The US Department of Energy recommends R-19 insulation for the effective insulation of walls. You will need 6.25 inches of fiberglass to get R-19 insulation. When installed correctly, fiberglass batts can boost your building's energy efficiency by 30%.


Environmentally Friendly

If you will like to reduce your carbon footprint to the lowest minimum, then you should invest in fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass batt products are eco-friendly. The main materials used in manufacturing fiberglass are recycled glass and sand. Some fiberglass insulation products consist of up to 80% recycled glass. Also, sand is one of the most abundant resources on the planet and this makes fiberglass a highly sustainable product. Furthermore, fiberglass insulation will reduce the workload on your HVAC system. This will have a positive impact on the environment as you will rely less on nonrenewable sources of energy.


Increased Resistance

As a property owner, you have to do all you can to protect your property from damages caused by natural disasters. You may have little or no control over events such as floods and fire, but you can protect your building with fiberglass insulation. First, the installation process of fiberglass insulation in attics requires us to line the material between wooden joists. Since the material is noncombustible, it will inhibit the spread of fire. Also, while fiberglass isn't completely waterproof, it will prove to be beneficial in the event of a flood. The material will dry up easily, preventing the growth of mold and mildew.

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